Fruit Fly Videos

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Fruit fly videos are short (less than one minute) videos intended to build curiosity and excitement for what ever is coming up on Sunday. With practice they can take less than 30 minutes to produce and give people that little extra motivation to show up. Post them later in the week with Thursday mornings being ideal. Here are some basic things to keep in mind:

  • Skip the introduction and say something interesting in the first three seconds. (See below)

  • Get close to the camera, people will be watching it on a tiny screen.

  • Audio quality is more more important than video.

  • Make the invitation. Make sure you specifically ask people to join in whatever you are promoting.

Enjoy the video below where I show you how to create a quality video in a short amount of time. If you are a Mac user all you need is your phone and Quicktime. If you are on Windows check out these short instructions on how to trim a video with no additional software.


First Three Seconds are Key

People will generally decide to watch your video or skip it in the first three to six seconds. So, you need to say something interesting! Don't waste the time introducing yourself or recapping where you have been. Istead, lead with something that grabs attention. A great way to do this is ask a question or make a provocative statement. To find the right one think about whatever you plan to focus on in worship. What need are you trying to address? Why should someone care about what you are presenting and what do you want them to do about it? Then, find a question or statement that speaks directly to the topic at hand. For example:

Have you ever felt like you are tired all the time?

Why do we all spend so much time thinking about money?

Ever feel lost in life?

We all carry to much stuff around with us. It's okay to put some down.

Have you ever noticed sometimes things get worse before they get better?

A solid first 3-6 seconds will really increase the number of people who participate in watching your videos. It is a critical place to invest your time.

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