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The COVID-19 pandemic sent every church scrambling to find ways to stay in relationship with their people. In so doing, it exposed a number of problem areas local congregations share in contemporary communication technology. It also demonstrated a previously unrecognized opportunity for local churches to minister to people in far off places. Former members who have moved, remote relatives of local members, and people from the community looking for some form of connection all started to show up in the new online spaces that were created.

As we look toward a (hopefully) post COVID-19 world, congregations face choices regarding what they do with the information gained and skills developed over those months. Our new normal will not be the same as our old normal for sure. It is also true that our new normal could be one in which we are more effective in our core task to share the good news in our community and around the world.

While many struggled to adapt and find ways to use current technology well, leveraging technology does not need to be a burden. The whole point of tools is to make our lives easier and allow us to do more work in less time. Each technology comes with its own learning curve and cresting that is often the most difficult part. Whenever you are trying to practice a new behavior, it’s critical to have someone knowledgeable who can guide you away from the common pitfalls and give guidance when needed. The goal of this program is to offer that.

What’s Included

This program will offer a mix of one-on-one consulting time and group learning experiences with participating churches grouped into cohorts. We will explore the following areas in a very practical and hands-on way:

  • Basic church management, tracking and communicating with your people.

  • Broadcast communication including live-streaming, podcasting, and email.

  • Using social media to reach your community.

  • Online giving and stewardship practices.


Services will be delivered through the following items happening over a nine-month period. Congregations should identify a small team to work with their pastor through this process which includes any other staff who have responsibilities in related areas.

  • Initial 90-minute individual consolation with each congregation including a digital “walk-thru” of your current technology infrastructure.

  • Drafting a recommendation list based on the initial consultation where investments in software, hardware, or other resources may be needed.

  • Review of your current website, social media, and live streaming with specific recommendations for improvement offered.

  • 90-minute one on one consultation with the pastor.

  • Webinar Series: Using Social Media Well. Two sessions.

  • Webinar: Online giving and stewardship grounded in joy.

  • Four group coaching sessions.

  • Phone and email support when questions arise.


3+ hours individual consultation

4.5 hours webinar

4 hours group coaching

Written report with suggestions and feedback

As needed phone & email support

Max cohort size: five congregations


Cost per church: $850

Standard Recommendations

As part of this process, I may make several recommendations around possible investments in new technology. These recommendations are based in my own experience and industry standards. I DO NOT personally profit from any of these recommendations and will not require you to purchase items from any particular vendors or affiliates. I will also support you in whatever technology decisions that you make. All that said, there are some items that I find generally appropriate for most congregations. Those include:



Jeremy W. Scott is a former software engineer turned pastor and now author. From 2014-2018, he served as the Vital Congregations Developer for the Mountain Sky Area of the United Methodist Church. He supported several new church starts and many more existing congregations striving to be more vital. He has been a local church pastor in Ohio and Montana. He has a passion for technology and believes that we need to encourage entrepreneurs in our churches to do bold things to reach new people.


Today he is the pastor of a growing church, United Methodist Church of Johnstown, in Colorado.


  • Author: Witness Your Why, Evangelism for Every Church.

  • Ten years experience as a software developer and project manager.

  • Demonstrated success in growing local congregations as a pastor and consultant.

  • Professional coach for church leaders.