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Empowerment Through Understanding

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Who We Are and What We Do

At Foundery Development, we hold the belief that individuals possess a natural desire to contribute to the betterment of the world around them. However, we recognize that the complex nature of today's world can often create a sense of overwhelming confusion and uncertainty, preventing people from knowing how to effect real change. By providing individuals with this knowledge, we are confident that they can create positive change in their communities and beyond.

Organizations Untangled

Companies, non-profits, and religious congregations can appear to be a tangled mess of competing interests and activities. Providing a basic framework to understand organizations from the smallest startup to the largest cooperation is essential and, more importantly, possible. Foundery Development aims to provide you with the understanding you need to guide your organization to a healthy way of living. Whether you are the CEO or on the front lines, you can play a role in helping your organization reclaim its vitality! 

Technology Decoded

There are important new technologies for connecting people and sharing ideas coming out every day. We believe everyone is capable of making sense of the technology that surrounds us. While it may appear to be magic, it isn’t. Foundery Development was created to empower you by helping you understand the tools you need to work, how to effectively use them, and which is the best option for your application.

What to Buy

We have so many options to pick from when it comes to the technology that helps us create and share content and connect with others. You don’t need to become an expert in every option. Instead, you need a simple guide to the best options available. That is exactly what we aim to give you!

At Foundery We Believe

We believe that people desire to make a positive impact on the world around them. Empowering people to make a difference requires them to understand effective tools for reaching people and the forces that shape organizations.

Today’s world can appear complicated beyond the average person's understanding. We believe that these barriers do not need to be as daunting as they seem. Foundery Development exists to provide the practical knowledge everybody needs to make sense of what is happening around them and take advantage of the new opportunities arriving every day. We aim to decode complicated topics into understandable frameworks that lead to increased understanding.

We believe true empowerment requires a robust understanding of people, the organizations we form, and the tools that shape our world.

About Me

I am in the midst of a career that has spanned high-tech startups, Fortune 500s, public health, non-profit, and church leadership. I have enjoyed exploring a diverse set of experiences and opportunities. Most recently, as an elected member of a local school board navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to bring all of my varied gifts and skills to bear for the good of my community. 

Today, my passion is to empower everyone to succeed at reaching their goals. I believe that while the world can seem overly complicated, there are often some basic understandings that can help you make sense of it. I want to develop resources to help people to better understand the world and empower them to tackle whatever challenges they choose to take on.

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